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Conformity warranty on Veneta Cucine products

All products benefit from the legal warranty for a period of two years from the date of delivery to cover any non-conformities.

VENETA CUCINE, placing great importance on the satisfaction of its customers, grants free of charge the possibility of activating the Warranty for a further three years (Conventional Warranty), reaching up to 5 years of coverage (2 years of legal warranty 3 years of conventional warranty) by simply filling out a form. We invite you to consult the appropriate area and follow the instructions provided. Activation of the 5-year warranty.

Activation of the Conventional Warranty does not therefore affect the rights of the consumer provided for by the Legal Warranty but is added to it, guaranteeing the customer a warranty coverage of a further three years. This additional coverage, not provided for by law and granted free of charge by the manufacturer, is subject to the terms and conditions that will be set out below.

Scope and methods of application
To be able to benefit from the Warranty, both Legal and Conventional, it is necessary to contact exclusively the Veneta Cucine Retailer, with which the customer signed the purchase contract. The Retailer will deal with the communication received with the utmost attention and, if well founded, will propose the most appropriate remedy.

The Conventional Warranty exclusively covers the elements produced by Veneta Cucine (bases, wall units, columns, worktops, shelves, backs and various panels).

Any elements not produced by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. are therefore excluded from the Conventional Warranty (some examples: appliances, tables and chairs, lamps, LED bars, waste bins, cutlery holders, various accessories, etc.) even if marketed by Veneta Cucine S.p.A., which are guaranteed by the respective manufacturers according to the methods established by them, also with regard to any repairs, replacements and labour costs. For other exclusions, see the last paragraph entitled "Exclusion clauses".

Further information on the Guarantee

Warranty Duration

All the items are guaranteed for a period of two years (Legal Guarantee).
This period can be extended up to five years (Conventional Warranty) in the event that the consumer decides to activate the Warranty offered free of charge by Veneta Cucine S.p.A.
The Warranty takes effect from the delivery date of the products purchased and covers any non-conformities that should occur within the deadline of two years (or five years, if the customer has activated the Conventional Warranty) from the delivery of the purchased products.

How to activate the Warranty (up to 5 years)

The Legal Warranty is activated automatically with the delivery of the purchased products while to activate the Commercial Warranty it is necessary to consult the specific area and follow the instructions provided: Activation of the 5-year warranty.
Please note that in order to carry out the procedure correctly it is necessary to use the QR code on the first page of the product sheet which is delivered together with each kitchen, or use the QR Code relating to the Warranty present inside the KITCHEN CARE BOX also delivered with the kitchen.
In any case, as stated above, in order to benefit from the Warranty, both Legal and Conventional, it is necessary to contact the retailer from whom the purchase was made. Unlike the Legal Warranty, in the event that the Conventional Warranty is invoked, the customer's report must be made without fail no later than 1 (one) month from the occurrence of the alleged non-conformity or in any case from the discovery in the event of a hidden defect.In order to improve the service and to reduce intervention times, we kindly ask you to provide the Retailer with the following information: date of purchase, indication of the specific item being reported and a description that is as precise as possible of the defect found.
It should be noted that, in order to be able to verify the date of purchase of the products, the Retailer will request to be able to examine suitable documentation such as receipt, invoice or delivery note: we remind you to keep this documentation, for the entire duration of the Warranty, intact and legible.

Legal and Conventional Warranty Applicability Terms and Conditions

Defects that were evident at the time of delivery or that the buyer could have recognised using ordinary diligence are not covered by the warranty.

In the event of a Conventional Warranty, the customer loses their rights under the Warranty if they do not report the defect within the period of 1 (one) month.

The Warranty is applicable on the condition that:

  • the products are used for domestic use, indoors and in environments that are suitably air-conditioned to contain wood-based materials;
  • the products are installed and maintained by the Retailer where the purchase was concluded or by subjects authorised by the same and in compliance with the instructions made available on various media by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. for the execution, to a professional standard and in safety, of the assembly or maintenance of the products;
  • the products have not undergone modifications, repairs or alterations by the purchaser or by third parties not authorised by Veneta Cucine S.p.A.

Commitment to remedy the defect

In the event that the non-conformity should appear during the validity of the Warranty, the Consumer may request either optionally to have the item repaired or replaced, without charge, unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome with respect to the other. According to art. 130 of the Consumer Code, the requested remedy is "excessively burdensome" if it imposes unreasonable expenses compared to the alternatives, taking into account the value that the asset would have if there was no non-conformity, the extent of the non-conformity, the possibility that the remedy can be carried out without significant inconvenience to the consumer.
The repair or replacement of the item will take place within a suitable period of time, pursuant to art. 135 ter of the Consumer Code, taking into account the production times that will become necessary and except for problems relating to the supply and/or availability of raw materials.
For any request for assistance, the Consumer is required to contact the Retailer from whom the purchase was made.
Any repair or replacement of individual components or of the entire product during the Legal Warranty (or Conventional Warranty, if activated) does not extend the duration of the Warranty which will therefore continue until the natural expiry of the two-year term (or 5 years in the event of a Conventional Warranty), without starting a new warranty period for the replaced part.
In the case of the Conventional Warranty, after 2 years from the delivery of the purchased products, the supply of materials will be free of charge, but the Retailer may request a fee for the call out, the amount of which will be reported in advance.

Exclusion clauses

The products that are found to be defective due to the following are not covered by warranty (because they are services provided by third parties or because they relate to compliance with the rules of use and maintenance):

  • negligence and neglect of use by the Consumer;
  • incorrect design;
  • incorrect installation, assembly or maintenance;
  • failure to comply with the instructions for use and maintenance (as specified in the use and maintenance manual supplied with your purchase or available in electronic format in the User and Maintenance Manuals;
  • damage due to transportation, if not performed by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. or defects caused by events that are not attributable to non-conformities of the product made by Veneta Cucine S.p.A.

The parts subject to normal wear, deformities in materials or colours in the case of completions that occur over time are also not covered by the warranty; variations in colour tones due to exposure to light, vapours or other factors characteristic of the kitchen environment and the normal "work/movement" of wood which, like any natural element, can alter over time.

Veneta Cucine S.p.A. reserves the widest right to make aesthetic changes or to cease production of a specific model, in any case guaranteeing the presence of a certain number of spare parts for 24 months. At the end of this period, if no longer available, the replacement products and/or spare parts will be supplied guaranteeing the functional and aesthetic part most similar to that of the original product.

The display kitchens have a two-year warranty from the date of delivery to the consumer; the seller and the buyer may agree to accept a shorter period of liability, but in any case not less than one year.

The Conventional Warranty is only valid towards the original purchaser of the Retailer, sub-purchasers of the consumer being expressly excluded for any third party.

Veneta Cucine S.p.A. assumes no responsibility for damage to persons, animals or property as a result of failure to comply with all the prescriptions indicated in the dedicated use and maintenance manual.

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