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Activation of the 5-year Warranty

Within this page you can request access to a reserved area to activate the Conventional Warranty, useful for adding 3 (three) years to the current Legal Warranty which has validity and duration of 2 (two) years from the time of delivery of the product.

A period of 180 days is provided from the date of delivery of the Veneta Cucine product for the guarantee extension to be activated.

IMPORTANT: with the delivery of your new Veneta Cucine, you will be provided with a Product Datasheet corresponding to the model you have chosen and the “Kitchen Care Box”.

Kitchen Care Box

The KITCHEN CARE BOX is customised according to the finishes and materials ordered; it contains a number of cleaning products, the Use and Maintenance Manuals that can be downloaded via QR Code and a little gift.

In addition to what has been described, using the Information Flyer present inside, you can scan the QR Code and register in the private area of the website, thereby activating the 5 Year Conventional Warranty.

The same QR Code is also present on the Product Datasheet.

Product Datasheet

Product datasheet example

The Product Datasheet is contained in one of the kitchen delivery packs. We suggest checking it is present by asking the team of fitters. Below is an example of the Product Datasheet.

On the cover of the Product Datasheet, delivered in hard copy in black and white, is the QR CODE which will allow you to access a reserved area of the Veneta Cucine website.
In the Reserved Area, you can activate the 3 (three) year Conventional Warranty, which will be added to the 2 (two) years provided for by the Legal Warranty, for a total coverage of 5 (five) years in total.

The QR CODE of the Product Datasheet, which is essential to Activate the 5-year Warranty, is exclusively linked to the product you purchased.

Some tips:

  • If your Product Datasheet does not contain any type of QR CODE, request the link to access the reserved area of the Veneta Cucine website useful for activating the 5-year warranty.
  • If you have not received the Product Datasheet, ask your Retailer for further information.
  • If you have lost the Product Datasheet, you can request a link that will allow you to access the reserved area of the Veneta Cucine website through which you will be able to Activate the 5-year warranty. Request the link to access the reserved area.

IMPORTANT: the link will be sent directly by Veneta Cucine to the e-mail you indicated in the form within a few working days.

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