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How many years’ guarantee does Veneta Cucine offer?

All the products benefit from the Legal Guarantee for a period of two years from delivery date, to cover defects in conformity.

VENETA CUCINE cares about the satisfaction of its customers and therefore allows the Guarantee to be extended free of charge to 5 years (from 2 years for the legal to 5 years for the commercial guarantee) by simply filling in a form (Commercial Guarantee). Please consult the specific area for this purpose and follow the instructions givenActivation of the 5-year guarantee.

Scope and implementation
As provided for by the Consumer Code (Article 128 and thereafter), to claim on the guarantee, you must contact the Veneta Cucine Dealer you signed the purchase contract with, who will submit your claim with the utmost diligence.

The Commercial Guarantee covers elements manufactured by Veneta Cucine (base, wall and tall units, worktops, shelves, backsplashes and panels in general).

Therefore all elements not manufactured by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. (some examples of which are: appliances, tables and chairs, lights, LED strips, waste bins, cutlery holders, various accessories, etc.) are excluded even though they are marketed by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. These are guaranteed by their respective manufacturers in accordance with their terms, also with regard to any repairs or replacements and labour costs.

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