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Product purchased and under warranty

Legal Guarantee (2 years) and Commercial Guarantee (from third to fifth year)

  • 1. What does the Legal Warranty (2 years) cover?

    All products benefit from the legal warranty for a period of two years from the date of delivery to cover any non-conformities.

  • 2. What does the Conventional Warranty given by Veneta Cucine (5 years) consist of and what does it cover?

    VENETA CUCINE, placing great importance on the satisfaction of its customers, grants free of charge the possibility of activating the Warranty for a further 3 years (Conventional Warranty), reaching up to 5 years of coverage (2 years of legal warranty + 3 years of conventional warranty) by simply filling out a form. We invite you to consult the appropriate area and follow the instructions given. Activation of the 5-year warranty.

    This additional coverage, not provided for by law and granted free of charge by the manufacturer, is subject to the conditions set out in the Warranty Certificate.

    Specifically, the Conventional Warranty covers the production elements of Veneta Cucine (bases, wall units, columns, worktops, shelves, backs and various panels).

    Therefore, all elements not produced by Veneta Cucine S.p.A. are excluded (some examples: appliances, tables and chairs, lamps, LED bars, waste bins, cutlery holders, various accessories, etc.) even if marketed by Veneta Cucine S.p.A., which are guaranteed by the respective manufacturers according to the methods established by them, also with regard to any repairs, replacements and labour costs.

    For other exclusions see the paragraph entitled "Exclusion clauses" in the Warranty Certificate.

    To be able to benefit from the Conventional Warranty (as for the Legal one), it is necessary to contact exclusively the Veneta Cucine Retailer with which the customer signed the purchase contract. The Retailer will deal with the report received with the utmost attention and, if well founded, will propose the most appropriate solution.

    In the case of the Conventional Warranty, after 2 years from the delivery of the purchased products, the supply of materials will be free of charge, but the Retailer may request a fee for the call out, the amount of which will be reported in advance.

  • 3. Who should I contact for a problem encountered?

    The contact person is only the Retailer, with whom the purchase was concluded, as it is the subject with whom the contractual relationship was directly established.

  • 4. What can I do if the problem I used has closed down?

    In order to be able to trace the report, we would ask you to fill in the following form attaching all the documentation relating to the purchase, accompanied by a brief description of the item for which you wish to activate the report and a brief but precise description of the defect being complained about in order to be able to fulfil the request for assistance in the shortest time possible.

  • 5. Even if beyond the Warranty period, can I add accessories?

    Yes, accessories can be added, for a fee, even beyond the Warranty period. We invite you to contact your trusted Veneta Cucine retailer to evaluate the possible solutions.

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