• February 6, 2019
    The project of Rossella&Michele
  • February 2, 2019
    The project of Francesca
    Thanks to Veneta Cucine and to the great professionalism of #Lissoneinterni  
  • January 29, 2019
    The project of Matteo
    Proud of my beautiful Oyster Pro in Grafite wood complete with the wine cellar. Unique!  
  • January 24, 2019
    The project of Viviana&Andrea
    Here it is the kitchen that we have always dreamed of!  
  • January 18, 2019
    The project of Maria&Nico
  • January 15, 2019
    The project of Maria&Giuseppe
    We dreamed of it like this! As soon as it was fitted, for us, it was love at first sight!      
  • January 11, 2019
    The project of Marco&Elena
    This is the kitchen we have always wanted ... Functional, beautiful and quality product ... Thank you...    
  • January 11, 2019
    The project of Ana Cristina
  • January 8, 2019
    The project of Monica&Mauro
    Welcome to Mauro and Monica's house, when the warmth of copper meets glass....  
  • January 3, 2019
    The project of Silvia&Roberto
    Our new kitchen.  
  • January 2, 2019
    The project of Amelia
    Thanks to Carlotta who knew how to interpret my wishes, now I have the kitchen of my dreams... modern, spacious, functional, comfortable and beautiful! Since it was assembled, none of my family has more desire to move to the other rooms :)    
  • January 1, 2019
    The project of Rita&Biagio
    Refined, minimal and elegant in a total white look.  
  • January 1, 2019
    The project of Gaia
    Here is my beautiful Veneta Cucine kitchen. The more I look at it, the more I fall in love. Highly recommended!Maximum professionalism of the retailer.  
  • December 27, 2018
    The project of Manila&Luciano
  • December 21, 2018
    The project of Claudio&Alessandra
  • December 20, 2018
    The project of Vania
    Stars in glass on a corten wall for the kitchen decked out for Christmas!