The project of Martina

  • For us, our kitchen is the heart of the home, the most used space and one where we not only eat and cook, but where we have conversations, tell stories and plan for the future. In this space the children do their homework, friends sit down for a coffee or a succulent and hearty dinner, we relax at the end of the evening, after the thousand commitments of the day just passed. So we gave more importance to the kitchen than the rest of the house. We opted for an open space, which also incorporates the living room. Veneta Cucine was a mandatory choice: versatile, durable, and with elegant and modern lines at the same time. In short, it was the brand that most inspired confidence and met our needs. And this is the result. An huge thank you goes to Irene, the our contact at our trusted point of sale, who with professionalism, patience, kindness and good taste was able to advise us and guide us towards the best solution.
  • Our kitchen

    • Surface area of kitchen: 48mq
    • City: Isola del Liri (FR)
    • Model: Ethica.GO
    Find out Ethica
  • Dealer
    03039 Frosinone - LAZIO - Italy

September 18, 2018 Here comes the new Kitchen

  • September 19, 2018
    Previous project
    The project of Ivan&Emanuela
    The project of Ivan&Emanuela
    Kitchen: Ethica.GO
    The most beautiful place in the house?! the kitchen. And with Veneta Cucine you never go wrong...
  • September 17, 2018
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    The project of Carla&Eduardo
    The project of Carla&Eduardo
    Kitchen: Oyster
    Thank you so much Veneta Cucine. We were looking for a modern, spacious, functional and bright...

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