The 10 golden rules

Rule n°6

Only use soft cloths and mild detergents or a moistened microfiber cloth on steel elements (sink, hob, extractor hood). Always wipe dry.

Although tough and durable, stainless steel requires a little care to keep it in perfect condition and to avoid stains or scratches.  Remove dirt with water (preferably lukewarm) and mild detergent, using a soft or microfiber cloth. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°4

    Always dry off all surfaces to avoid stagnation.

  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°7

    When cleaning household appliances, follow the instructions contained in the manufacturer's user and maintenance manual.

  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°8

    Turn on the extractor hood for all types of cooking.