Veneta Cucine talks about the concept of EUROCUCINA 2024

What was presented at EUROCUCINA 2024? Veneta Cucine´s goal was to introduce a new concept that embraces modern furnishing approaches.


EUROCUCINA is an important event that forms part of the Milan Furniture Fair, one of the most prestigious international trade fairs in the furniture and design industry.

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EUROCUCINA specifically focuses on presenting the latest trends in kitchen design and technology. Its 62nd edition, held from 16 to 21 April 2024, offered visitors the opportunity to discover the latest innovations in the kitchens industry, including new materials, cutting-edge design solutions, and smart technologies designed to make the kitchen an increasingly functional and welcoming environment.

This event was, as always, a one-stop shop for professionals, designers, architects and furniture aficionados who want to stay up-to-date with the latest new developments in the kitchen and home furnishing world.

EUROCUCINA 2024: the new concept revealed by Veneta Cucine


What were the main characteristics and trends presented by Veneta Cucine during EUROCUCINA 2024?


In what way was the "More space, more freedom" concept incorporated into the Veneta Cucine stand during the event?


What were the most significant new features of the tables and chairs presented by Veneta Cucine during EUROCUCINA 2024?

What were the main characteristics and trends presented by Veneta Cucine during EUROCUCINA 2024?

Reliving the 62nd edition of the Milan Furniture Fair is like revisiting the highlights of an amazing journey. EUROCUCINA 2024 was reconfirmed as one of the most sought-after destinations of this event, and inside Pavilion 4, the experience of visiting the stand of Veneta Cucine, a leading company on the Italian and international market, turned out to be truly unique for every professional in the industry and beyond.

Entering the stand and experiencing it enabled one to fully understand the meaning of "more space, more freedom", the concept that embodies the fruits of Veneta Cucine´s creative and design work to the full.

Within the idea of “more space, more freedom” lies the concept of Augmented Space taken to a new level; the kitchen evolves from the centerpiece of a well-defined space to form the fulcrum around which the various functions of daily living revolve, and increasingly broadens its horizons.

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The arrangements were presented in such a way that made them stand alone, without allowing one room to affect the view of the next one. 


View of the kitchen from the front


The back of the kitchen opens onto the living area, expanding the definition of space towards the "More space, more freedom" concept.

In what way was the "More space, more freedom" concept incorporated into the Veneta Cucine stand during the event?

The stand echoes the themes explored by Veneta Cucine and develops these towards a greater awareness of how the concept of contemporary space has to contend with an increasingly unambiguous, profoundly cross-sectional vision of design, to create an environment that is unique and at the same time distinct.


In this arrangement, using an elaborate design solution, the kitchen merges four rooms into one: Kitchen, Living Room, Entrance Hall and Study.


The living area, connected to the kitchen, is consistent with it in terms of finishes and design shapes, creating a coordinated and harmonious environment that fosters a feeling a continuity and cohesion between the two spaces.


The living area conceals a passageway that connects one room to another without compromising uniformity, creating a smooth and harmonious transition between the different areas of the home.



Concealed behind the living area is another room, used as an entrance hall and study/workroom. This solution allows a space that is separate from the living room and kitchen to be created while maintaining design consistency within the entire environment. The presence of a dedicated entrance and study/work area provides functionality and comfort, ensuring a clear distinction between the various activities carried out within the home.

Arrangements of corner kitchens or kitchens with peninsulas alternate with other island kitchens or linear kitchens and plenty more, as the broad flexibility in design allows environments to be extended through new proposals, both seamlessly and using dividing furniture, offering visitors new furnishing scenarios.

The living room is presented connected to the kitchen area, accessible through sliding doors or solutions that create settings with an element of surprise, new spaces dedicated to study or work.



What were the most significant new features of the tables and chairs presented by Veneta Cucine during EUROCUCINA 2024?

The newest of the novelties was the new range of tables and chairs that Veneta Cucine presented. In particular, the combining of CARANTO tables with extendable ceramic tops equipped with simple, non-invasive mechanisms, in elegant shapes and finishes that are perfectly coordinated with the rooms.


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The materials are impressive, and thanks to the wide range of CARANTO ceramic and quartz tops they create proposals that are aesthetically appealing, enhanced by combinations of colors and finishes featuring the original design that has always characterized the Veneta Cucine style.

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