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Veneta Cucine has obtained 'Made in Italy' certification

Veneta Cucine has obtained 'Made in Italy' certification based on UNI standard 11674/2017 and issued by Cosmob and Catas – the two most important Italian laboratories for analysis, tests and certification in the sector of wooden furnishings – which declares the Italian origin of the furniture.


The 'Made in Italy' has always been synonymous with attractive styling and excellent workmanship and should be also to mean "sustainable and safe" and therefore to convey an overall concept of reliability and advanced technology. This is our commitment. This new certification, which is based on national and international laws, regulations and technical standards, confers further value and underlines the excellent quality of our products.

Veneta Cucine decided to obtain this new certification because it gives added value to the Italian origin of the product, not only as concerns its origin, but also confirming our full compliance with stringent quality standards; this move will increase our transparency in relations with the end users, whether in Italy or abroad, since we realize that it is our duty to inform them how we manufacture the products, and in this way further strengthen their trust in our brand.


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