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A connection with tradition, reinforced through a new perspective and an exquisitely personal reinterpretation.


A connection with tradition, reinforced through a new perspective and an exquisitely personal reinterpretation.

The new warm and welcoming minimalism in Armonia’s wood and lacquered finishes sends out a clear message that it transcends convention and offers a new way to conceive our desire to feel good.

This kitchen combines originality and a strong personality, thanks also to the frame and panel door, which is furrowed by refined vertical staving.

The door frame features a moulding that embellishes the grip recess while the panel is available smooth or staved to take full advantage of the model’s aesthetics.

The model features a varied choice of high quality woods and selected matt lacquers.

The ShellSystem device, applied horizontally to the base units to provide a grip system for opening and closing the compartments, extends its great practicality vertically to the tall units. The profile, which allows the door to be opened without the use of handles, previously in polished aluminium and titanium finish and in white, is also available matte lacquered in the model’s lacquer shades.  


Armonia Noce Nodoso featuring staves; Caranto Ker Aspen Argilla 2 cm thick worktop; Groove wall system in Noce Nodoso.

Craftsman’s know-how and innovative style.

These terms appear in the Company’s mission statement and are materialised in the Armonia project, which succeeds in combining the value of knotty staved walnut wood with the various lacquer finishes, thereby creating an overall effect embellished by the Groove wall system in the same wood finish.

The succession of tall units is broken up by one featuring open shelving with full-height lighting.

The arrangement is complemented by the Groove wall system of accessorisable panels, which features tracks into which shelves, hooks, wine glass racks and lights for working in the kitchen in the correct light can be inserted, ensuring the necessary utensils and ingredients are within reach at all times.


Armonia Noce Nodoso featuring staves: close-up of the door.

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