The 10 golden rules

Rule n°7

When cleaning household appliances, follow the instructions contained in the manufacturer's user and maintenance manual.

All our household appliances are carefully selected from amongst those produced by leading manufacturers. These are major companies which, as well as providing a warranty for all their products (all CE marked), can also provide excellent after-sales service. However, all requests for assistance should be made to the manufacturers’ service centers, which are indicated in the instruction booklets and on the warranty certificates, which accompany each appliance.

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  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°2

    Do not use scouring powder or abrasive / steel pads.

  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°5

    Do not use steam at 100°C or any steam cleaning equipment.

  • The 10 golden rules

    Rule n°4

    Always dry off all surfaces to avoid stagnation.