The evolution of a design concept.

Ethica Decorativo- the latest evolution of one of Veneta Cucine's most successful models. A fresh look based on today's new focus on the excellent quality of the surfaces, which are produced using a special thermostructuring process for a truly natural effect. Our range is moving stedily towards the living area, with new solutions that finally break down the barriers between the kitchen and the living-room, bringing both areas together in coordinated compositions that are attractive and highly functional.


Colours and Woods


Sucupira dek 384
Quercia bianco dek 807
Quercia chiaro dek 804
Quercia medio dek 805
Quercia Grigio Dek 865
Beton 631
Leccio Cognac Dek 808
Tiglio Silver Dek (809)
Sughero Grigio Dek 638
Iridio Dek 636
Rutenio Dek 637

Frame Decorative

Frame quercia bianco dek 803
Frame quercia chiaro dek 800
Frame quercia medio dek 801
Quercia Grigio Dek 866


Silk bianco neve 619
Silk grigio chiaro 620
Silk grigio tortora 621
Silk marron avana 622
Silk grigio piombo 624