The project of Elisabetta&Andrea

  • Super satisfied with our Veneta Cucine. We immediately fell in love with this model that allows us to live and fully enjoy our kitchen. Completely chosen and customised by us with the help of the designer at the store and our families and friends were impressed and as excited as we are. Our Veneta Cucine is beautiful, comfortable and unique! Andrea and Elisabetta.

March 19, 2018 Here comes the new Kitchen

  • March 21, 2018
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    The project of Anna Rita
    The project of Anna Rita
    Kitchen: Oyster Pro
    I was literally seduced by Oyster. It is essential and elegant. From the first moment I saw it...
  • March 17, 2018
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    The project of Alberto
    The project of Alberto
    Kitchen: Oyster Decorativo

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