The project of Annalia

  • Dear friends, I have the pleasure of sharing my kitchen and living room with you. Start-J model, lightly scratched for the base units, cherry red lacquer for the hanging units. Continuity between the cooking and living areas is ensured by the alternating play of the two colours and the two finishes, as well as the fenix grigio bromo counter top with table and chairs. What can I say about this kitchen?! Referring to it as a kitchen is understated... it’s simply fantastic! Style and personality, design, elegance and functionality. It reflects me 100%: 30 years old, upbeat, determined and very dynamic!
  • Our kitchen

    • Surface area of kitchen: 3,20*6.13mq
    • City: Milano (MI)
    • Model: Start-Time.J
    Find out Start-Time
  • Dealer
    20162 Milano - LOMBARDIA - Italy

February 5, 2018 Here comes the new Kitchen

  • February 6, 2018
    Previous project
    The project of Floriana
    The project of Floriana
    Kitchen: Oyster Decorativo
    The model was Oyster decorativo, with medium oak finish and white glossy lacquered wall units and...
  • February 4, 2018
    Next project
    The project of Kristian&Cristina
    The project of Kristian&Cristina
    Love at first sight for this marvel! We were looking for a warm and welcoming kitchen, but that...

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