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The CUOA Master Brand Ambassador programme has begun.

The advanced financial training course, which is financed by companies operating in the region, began on 5 February. This programme will train new professional figures with the ability to build up the relationship between the brand and the consumer in order to maintain and safeguard the prestige of the "Made in Italy" mark throughout the world.


The first lesson in the CUOA Master Brand Ambassador course promoted jointly by Unindustria Treviso and Confindustria Veneto was held in Palazzo Giacomelli, a monumental historic palace in Treviso, the headquarters of the Association of Industrialists in Treviso, where the students participating in the course will attend classes for the next five months.

Master Brand Ambassador is an excellent example of the way in which collaboration between companies and training specialists makes it possible to devise coordinated plans and capitalize on their skills and experience in order to stimulate the growth and development of the companies.

Veneta Cucine, together with other leading industries operating in the region, is an excellent business partner in the programme.

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