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2024 CAMPAIGN PRESS RELEASE – More space, more freedom

“More space, more freedom”, the new Veneta Cucine campaign, flies to Sanremo.


Veneta Cucine presents its new “More space, more freedom” campaign devised and produced by creative agency More Than 30 Seconds and directed by film director Iacopo Carapelli.

The commercial gives an account of the Company´s new paradigms, which, thanks to the flexibility of customization, are able to provide maximum freedom in terms of design.

The commercial opens with leaves moving in the area of greenery behind the kitchen.

From here, a beautiful butterfly, a symbol of freedom and elegance, begins to fly inside the home environment, accompanying us through open and closed spaces. Through its eyes we see how Veneta Cucine is able to revolutionize the home environment, multiplying opportunities for sharing whilst also creating spaces that we can experience individually. During the commercial, the point-of-view shot takes us from the kitchen to the dining room past architectural columns that simultaneously divide and unite, through a sliding door.

Along the tracking shot we encounter situations of domestic intimacy, such as the simplicity of a young couple´s embrace but then we also find the protagonist herself in a personal, more private moment.

The claim "More space, more freedom" is a tribute to the pleasure of being together, but also to individual freedom, in which space plays an essential role.


Agency: More Than 30 Seconds

Direction: Iacopo Carapelli

DoP: Emanuele Zarlenga

AD: Marcello Calvesi

Project Director: Mauro Simioni

Creative Co-Director: Federica Bellinato

Account Executive: Roberto Bazzichetto

Production Manager: Alessio Panseri

Producer: Alice Vianello

Production Coordinator: Giulia Salvador

Post-production & Visual content: Eleonora Ceccato

Photographer: Andrea Pavan

Set design: Patrizia Gatto

Assistant set designer: Livia Giacomini

Camera operator: Luigi Savino

Make-up artist: Claudia Loin

Stylist: Carmela Debellis

Music: Mokamusic

Backstage: Mattia Scutti

Colorist: Orash Rahnema

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