Ceramic kitchen worktops: maintenance tips

In 2019 Veneta Cucine launched Caranto Ker, the new brand of hi-tech kitchen worktops made of ceramic. Ceramic is one of the hardest materials in the world, but its virtues do not stop here.
Due to its ultra-compact surface and almost total absence of porosity, a ceramic kitchen worktop is waterproof, hygienic, and resistant to water as well as stains.
Ideal as a work surface, a ceramic worktop is practical and easy to clean.

Extremely easy to maintain, all it takes is a few steps to take care of it and to maintain its beauty and characteristics intact over time.

1. Remove stains immediately

2. Be careful with impacts and heat

3. Do not use abrasive products

1. Remove stains immediately from a ceramic kitchen worktop

A ceramic worktop is very easy to clean; however, avoid leaving stains to harden, especially coffee, red wine, tea or caustic, acidic or colouring substances, which should be removed immediately using a little water.
In the case of stubborn stains, you can use a mildly abrasive sponge together with a creamy neutral detergent on your ceramic kitchen worktop and then rinse with warm water. Dry with a cloth or absorbent paper.

2. Be careful with impacts and heat on a ceramic worktop

Although ceramic is a durable surface, avoid impacts at the most exposed points of the worktop, such as corners and edges.
A ceramic kitchen worktop is designed to tolerate heat: you can place boiling hot pots and pans on it without any fear, but avoid direct contact with the flame.

 3. Do not use abrasive products on a ceramic worktop

For surface dirt you can use a microfibre cloth moistened with warm water then dry off with a cloth or absorbent paper.
For a more thorough cleaning of your ceramic kitchen worktop, use a soft sponge or a microfibre cloth moistened with warm water along with a neutral detergent, always followed by rinsing and drying.
As a general precaution, which also applies to marble kitchen worktops, Fenix kitchen worktops, quartz kitchen worktops and laminate kitchen worktops, never use metal or abrasive scouring pads, or knives with a ceramic blade directly on the surfaces.

Are you already familiar with the advantages and aesthetic qualities of a Caranto Ker ceramic worktop? Find out about them now on the official Caranto website. And if you want to see for yourself the merits of this innovative material and imagine it inside your kitchen, at Veneta Cucine dealers you will be able to find expert interior designers ready to advise you on the choice of your perfect kitchen.

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