How and when to choose a custom-made kitchen

A custom-made kitchen may be a necessity, a choice, or both.
Customised design is often inevitable when we are faced with furnishing a house with rooms that have already been predetermined, for example, because they have been renovated. But this may also be the case with confined spaces, where every centimetre available must be exploited, which standard-sized  furniture does not always allow.
Choosing a custom-made kitchen also, and increasingly, meets an aesthetic requirement, because it is the only way to obtain a kitchen truly tailored to our needs.

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When is it appropriate to make this choice?

1. If you are renovating

2. If your space has particular requirements

3. If you want the kitchen to reflect 100% your wishes

1. Opt for a custom-made kitchen if you are renovating

Renovations in our country are increasingly common, to the detriment of new builds. This often means finding ourselves in houses and apartments with predetermined spaces that leave little freedom to change the layout.
Sometimes the idea of custom-made kitchens can be daunting because of the costs. In reality, in the long run, a customised kitchen saves money because the room is rendered functional from the outset and there are fewer interventions and purchases later on.

2. Opt for a custom-made kitchen if your space has particular requirements

Imagine the case of an attic, a room with beams or columns, particular walls and corners or non-standard masurements or configurations, where it is impossible to arrange the kitchen along a single wall.

Customised design comes to your rescue because the kitchen modules – hob, wall units, columns, tables and worktops – will be created according to the layout that best suits your requirements: angled solutions, modular drawers, wall units, worktops, and much more.

3. Opt for a custom-made kitchen if you want the kitchen to reflect 100% your wishes

The only way for a kitchen to truly align with your taste and functional requirements is to custom design it: only then will you be able to choose from a vast range of arrangements, colours and materials to create your own perfect mix.
Classic, shabby chic, vintage or industrial kitchen? Custom designing means also harmonising the kitchen with the style of the rest of the home. Choose an interior designer in keeping with your taste and get design advice based on the measurements available: you will achieve a unique kitchen, like a bespoke suit.

Are you looking for a kitchen able to reflect your identity and your idea of style? Or do you need to furnish a problematic room with particular dimensions? At Veneta Cucine dealers you can find expert interior designers ready to advise you and plan your ideal kitchen together with you.

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