Start with a great advantage.

START-TIME: start off on the right foot by giving your kitchen the youthful feel of a design with pure lines dressed in cool colors and wood finishes that are in step today's trendy natural look.


Colours and Woods

Matt Laminate P Revolution

Smart bianco 343
Smart beige 344
Smart grigio 347
Smart creta 348
Smart antracite 349
Olmo chiaro 660
Olmo neutro 662
Play rovere chiaro 695
Play rovere medio 696
Play rovere scuro 697
Play Rovere Brown 698
Graffiato chiaro 583
Graffiato scuro 584
Graffiato Lavagna 629
Graffiato Gesso 628
Timber Bianco 725
Timber Grigio 726

Glossy One Side Lacquered

Bianco burro 142
Grigio caldo 682
Marron mocaccino 679
Rosso ciliegia 683
Verde mare 924
Grigio atlantico 167