Veneta Cucine is a family-run company which was founded more than half a century ago and over the years has steadily grown from a small local enterprise into a major multinational group. Today it is Italy's most important manufacturer of kitchen furniture.

An excellent example of top-class Italian industry which expanded over the years thanks to the vision of its founder, still at the helm of the company, now been joined by his three children. The company's business model has evolved from an entrepreneurial activity into a managerial structure which includes a team of managers who have been designated to take responsibility for different areas.

Veneta Cucine的使命: 生产厨房,将手工艺技艺融入品位的创新,设计出物美价廉的产品。

The company was founded in 1967 in the province of Treviso, and in 1978 changed its name to Veneta Cucine Spa. The Group's production facilities comprise a total of 100,000 m2 of industrial buildings, divided between the plant in Biancade (TV) which includes administrative offices and a production facility, the wood finishing plant in Codissago - Longarone (BL) and the one in San Biagio di Callalta (TV) dedicated to Caranto products. The Group employees a staff of more than 500, whose task is to design, produce, manage and distribute 10 systems and 40 models based on 5 different structures, with 300 combinations of colours and materials. This makes it possible to choose from an infinite number of customized versions and to market no less than 60,000 kitchen systems each year.


In 2008 the Group introduced its completely automated HOMAG production line, which produces four different types of finished and packaged components for kitchen units: tops, shelves, counter-tops and cupboard doors.

In February, 2015, Veneta Cucine introduced a major technological innovation within its production system, completing the project for the installation of a fully-automated warehouse designed specifically to meet the needs of the company as regards the storage, handling and distribution of the packaged components. The introduction of this new automated warehousing system has helped to improve the internal handling procedures and maximize the use of space, and also ensures that the client can trace their order during every phase of production and shipping.

Then in 2016 the company introduced LOTTO1, an automatic just-in-time system for the trimming and edge-finishing of highly-customized elements aimed at responding even more closely to the needs of the clients.

At the beginning of 2019 work on the construction of the new plant in Olmi di San Biagio di Callalta was completed; this plant will be dedicated to the production of Caranto, the company's newest model of technical kitchen tops.

  • 技术
  • 技术
  • 技术





    • 实木工厂
    • 实木工厂
    • 实木工厂
    • 实木工厂
    • 实木工厂
    • 实木工厂


      • 6000个代码
      • 400种不同的台面
      • 10个系统
      • 40种款型
      • 实木
      • 烤漆(高光和亚光)
      • 双饰面
      • 层压板材
      • 彩色板
      • BBS®抗菌银离子
      • 热成型塑料层压板材(高光和亚光)
      • 玻璃(高光和亚光)
      • 不锈钢


      • 材质
      • 材质
      • 材质


        Veneta Cucine's products are marketed by an extensive distribution network – more than 1,000 highly-qualified dealers in Europa, Asia, Africa, North and South America – and the company has developed a very close working relationship with a network of international distributors who give exclusive space to its products and are able to express all the undisputed character and personality of the brand.

        • 90000 m2
          100.000 sq m
        • 500 employees group
          500 employees group
        • 5 production facilities
          5 production facilities
        • 200 kitchens produced every day
          200 kitchens produced every day
        Veneta Cucine Worldwide - 1000 dealers in the world


        In 2018 the company obtained "Made in Italy" certification, which confirms the Italian origin of the furniture. In 2013 the Veneta Cucine's System of Management for Health and Safety in the Workplace was certified to OHSAS 18001:2007, and in 2012 the company implemented an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001, which was duly certified. This has impacted not only the company's production procedures but also its use of materials to comply with the norms limiting the emission of toxic substances. The frames of the kitchen cabinets are built using 100% recycled wood agglomerate.

        • 质量管理体系UNI EN ISO 9001
          质量管理体系UNI EN ISO 9001
        • 环境管理体系UNI EN ISO 14001
          环境管理体系UNI EN ISO 14001
        • 劳动健康与安全管理体系。OHSAS 18001:2007
          劳动健康与安全管理体系。OHSAS 18001:2007
        • "Made in Italy" certification
          "Made in Italy" certification

        In addition, in 2006 the company was one of the first to introduce a closed-cycle water-based painting system which guarantees the same excellent quality while drastically reducing the emission of toxic substances.
        In 2003 Veneta Cucine received ISO 9001 certification from the prestigious German testing institute TÜV.

        Another important step forward in guaranteeing maximum consumer safety was made in 2011. Veneta Cucine's kitchens were the first (and only) products treated with the exclusive BBS® anti-bacteria treatment known as Bacteria Blocker Silverguard, which is applied to all work-tops and other laminated surfaces liable to come into contact with foodstuffs: work-tops, frames and drawer bottoms.



        Veneta Cucine 致力于将其项目变为意义涵盖最广泛的全方位生活项目,同时遵循可持续性的原则。对于构成厨房的部件,我们采用100%的再循环木质压块以及不会造成环境失衡的材料,所采用的生产方式,例如连续水循环喷漆工艺,达到最低的有害物质排放。


        • 绿色思维 完全水循环喷漆
        • 绿色思维 Veneta Cucine
        Green Thinking


        在Veneta Cucine,“绿色思维”这个新词已经流行了很长时间,这个词定义了生态观念服务于创新,除了提高产品的功能性,还有助于令环境更加清洁,保护用户的健 康。

        其中最突出的是BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard,一项专门抗菌处理的技术,创造了将银离子基质施加在层压板表面的工艺,可减少细菌滋生的效果可达99.9%。


        BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard
        Blue Board - Low Emission Formaldehyde Board

        BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard:将细菌一网打尽而尽显珍贵。

        BBS®Bacteria Blocker Silverguard 代表着对远古根源挖掘研究的最先进的结果,旨在通过以贵金属为基质的处理实现消毒。



        BBS® Bacteria Blocker Silverguard - Veneta Cucine Ecocompatta


        绿色思维 Veneta Cucine


        With its highly-developed corporate culture, Veneta Cucine boasts an extraordinary volume of production, and every product in the range is built to the highest levels of quality, representing the most sophisticated technologies and the very best of craftsman skills.

        Reliability and attractive styling are the distinguishing features of a range of products subdivided into areas of personal tastes, and all beautifully designed – whether in the most modern style or crafted in traditional lines but with all the latest features. Each model, however, is reasonably priced and designed to suit the latest changes in modern home-building.

        • 30CM可拉出式高柜
        • 煤灰色转角拉篮
        • 联动拉篮高柜
        • 煤灰色表面处理飞碟转篮
        • 30KG承重抽屉,可经受100.000次开关
        • 可嵌入式工作台装饰
        • 装置轻柔关合阻尼铰链和导轨的门板
        • 背发光和自动开关吊柜
        • 抽屉柜内刀叉盘和烹饪用具盘
        • 个性化烹饪用具空间

        Veneta Cucine 满足销售商的需求,为消费者提供具体的优势。

        Veneta Cucine 的运营符合市场不断要求的更高的质量标准,企业所采取的革新的组织与生产程序已获得极具威望的德国机构TÜV颁发的ISO 9001认证。


        • Veneta Cucine Extra Go - 层压板材台面,抗菌处理


        • Veneta Cucine Extra Go - 层压板材台面,抗菌处理


        • Veneta Cucine Lounge - Fenix®台面,抗菌处理


        • Veneta Cucine Dialogo Shellsystem - 层压板材台面,抗菌处理


        • Veneta Cucine Start Time J - 层压板材台面,抗菌处理