Stepsystem is a panelled unit which is installed between the base and wall units to complete the kitchen, and makes it possible to make use of space that is generally not used; this allows the user to keep all their kitchen utensils within easy reach.

Stepsystem is the ideal way to store all the kitchen utensils in an orderly manner, and consists of vertical elements and rails in steel- or bronze-finished aluminium, while the rear panels and shelves are available in any of Veneta Cucine's many finishes. The aluminium rail can be fitted with a kitchen-towel holder or a wine glass rack. The rail not only prevents these from falling, but also, if fitted beneath the shelf, to hold the kitchen utensils. The Reverse version features aluminium shelves and vertical elements in Veneta Cucine's range of finishes. The glass version of Stepsystem provides greater luminosity to the area between the base units and the wall units.

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