Widespread Excellence: Intensity and Competency

The “Widespread Excellence: Intensity and Competency” talk moderated by Maria Luisa Pezzali from Radio24 was held on 28th June in the Veneta Cucine showroom. A number of companies in the design, cosmetics and food sectors took part each addressing the subject from its own standpoint.

Dionisio Archiutti, Vice Chairman of Veneta Cucine, opened the debate asserting that Italian industrial excellence continues to be competitive by coming up with strategies and targeted industrial investments that have enabled and still enable the objectives set to be achieved and optimised. 
Francesco Morace, Chairman of Future Concept Lab, started his speech by focussing on the meaning of the word “excellence”, which derives from the Latin word excellentia, meaning doing something better than anyone else, getting quality from what we do. Excellence as opposed therefore to the concept of luxury, which is sectorial by definition. 
The speech by Daniela Archiutti, Veneta Cucine Art Director, explained that the concept of widespread excellence is even embodied in the origin of the Company’s name. She said simplicity and transparency, strong identification with the local area, a vocation for manufacturing and craftsmanship, knowledge and awareness of human values have all been Company values since its foundation almost 50 years ago.

There followed Alberto Alemagna, co-founder along with his brother Tancredi of T’A, a brand of high quality pastries, handmade chocolate and catering services, who gave an account of their own widespread excellence based on family traditions and know-how. 
Davide Bollati, Chairman of Davines and [comfort zone], reference brands in the field of research into beauty products, continued on the common theme of family and innovation, which are distinguishing features of widespread Italian excellence.

David Pambianco, Vice Chairman of Pambianco Strategie di Impresa and publisher of Pambianco Design, Pambianco Beauty and Pambianco Magazine, instead drew attention to the important role of families in Italian firms and excellence in reference sectors, which have always distinguished these.

According to Luca Scanni, founding partner of Pavé, a pastry shop and café with views over the preparation area and one of Milan’s go-to places, excellence is an integral part of development, of respect for the Company’s DNA.