New hood No Steam by Faber for Veneta Cucine

Exclusive comfort without the condensation.

Cooking with induction stoves produces condensation due to the notable difference between the temperature of the hot part near the hob and the colder air under the extractor hood. This effect, which also occurs with gas stoves, is greater when using an induction cook top.

Faber’s NO STEAM extractor hood controls rising fumes and vapour thanks to controlled jets of air that are released in a helical shape and with variable geometries, which whirl and accelerate the vapour upwards so it can be drawn away. This stops vapour from collecting, preventing condensation from forming both on the extractor’s surface and the doors of the nearby hanging units, ensuring excellent results in terms of fume extraction even at slower speeds. The final result is no condensation both for induction stoves as well as traditional cooktops.