Mi 20.15, designed by Studio Giovannoni, receives special mention at the 2016 German Design Award

Mi 20.15 from Veneta Cucine received “Special Mention” in the ‘Kitchen and Household’ category of the 2016 German Design Award.


This is an important international accolade awarded by the German Design Council to products, designs and people who have contibuted in decisive and pioneering ways to the development and enhancement of global design and architecture.

Mi 20.15 is much more than just a kitchen, this is a system in which the blending of horizontal and niche boiserie compartments creates a totally free composition with wall-mounted modules that can be repeated in an infinity of compositions.

It is a structured model whose concept is rooted in the idea of "easy and simple" – starting with the most normal day-to-day gestures.

The carefully-planned simplicity of Mi 20.15 means that it is the repetition of the module that generates new effects in both function and form.