"Life": new spot by Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine announces the launch of a new campaign in which the company re-interprets its "Life Projects" claim, focusing on the unique nature and the truth of our daily life.

The concept aims to be a celebration of life, to recount the way in which it surprises us so many times throughout the day, and to convey the idea of excellence that results in a full life.

Replete with emotions, rich in experiences, and full of situations which each of us interprets differently, but all with a single common denominator which is the "heart of the home" - the kitchen, of course.

The creative material has been prepared for the television (2x30" and 2x15" versions), radio (30" spots), the internet (also available in a full-length 60" version) and in the press, which will feature images by world-renowned photographer Toni Thorimbert.

The new campaign launches in December 2015 in the media: television (Rai, Mediaset and Sky), radio (RadioRai and RTL 102,5) and the internet, but it will gather momentum in 2016, with fuller and more complete programming involving all the major media and channels of communication.



Agency+production: More Than 30 seconds

Direction: i SAMEN

Director of photography: Giuseppe Favale

Photographer: Toni Thorimbert

Project director: Mauro Simioni

Art director: Davide Esposito Albini

Producer: Alessia Pietromarchi

Production manager: Diego Guidotti

Production inspector: Chiara Rege Cambrin

Assistant director: Pierantonio Micciarelli

Set design: Rita Rachele Di Marco

Art buyer: Alessandra Cantoni

Costume designer: Fowers Perotti Sara Jane

Post-Production: Flare Video - Nt Multimedia

Assistant costume designer: Kwiecinski Sara

Casting director: Cristina Proserpio

Steadycam: Armando Avallone

Sound engineer for live recordings: Walter Pirani