Cosy Home

From the Essence world, a new tendency is born. Cosy Home is the collection that interprets today’s modern trend of “staying home”. Home is a place where the soul of its owner can reflect the way he or she experiences living space, where the layout and the design of the furnishings contribute to enhancing comfort and well-being.
It’s a physical space that receives the experiences of the individual or family who lives there and creates essential, indispensable dynamics for defining a layout that is intimately profound.
Cosy Home is developed in three inspirations called New Normal, Material Honesty and Solid Elegance.

New Normal: contemporary living is revisited with an expression of an informal design style that is obtained by uplifting passions and exercising total independence in decisions involving taste. The design conveys the concept of daily living in a simple, intelligent way.

Material honesty: the materials are the undisputed stars of the setting, as they affect not only the surfaces, but also the furnishing complements to create atmospheres replete with substance and concreteness. Each material conveys a recognized value that requires no interpretation.

Solid Elegance: a concrete expression of elegance and sedate style that is developed through a well thought-out balance between the three-dimensional shapes and the proportions. The materials used are elegant, yet selected according to their serviceability. The shapes were conceived with a cosmopolitan approach that is precise, yet refined.