Minimal line offset by sumptuous colours.

An essential kitchen conceived in a variety of configurations and with ample scope for personalization that will encompass recherché, minimal, sumptuous or original, with an unmatched range of materials and colourways.


Colours and Woods

PLUS Glossy Lacquered 5 Sides

Bianco riso lucido 810
Lattemiele lucido 812
Beige arena lucido 814
Grigio metallo lucido 816
Rosso melograno lucido 818
Grigio vulcano 822

PLUS Matt Lacquered 5 Sides

Bianco riso opaco 811
Lattemiele opaco 813
Beige arena opaco 815
Grigio metallo opaco 817
Rosso melograno opaco 819
Grigio vulcano opaco 823
Malto Opaco 880
Verde Muschio Opaco 881
Gianduia Opaco 882

Matt Formed PVC

Cedro chiaro vertik 667
Cedro medio vertik 668
Cedro scuro vertik 669
Rovere grigio 121
Carpino Scuro Vertik 885
Carpino Naturale Vertik 886
Malta Bacio 888
Malta Crema 887
Malta Lava 889